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The National Check Fraud Center has speakers available on a variety of topics. If your banking institution, company, organization, association, trade group, school, or senior citizen group would like a speaker, contact CHARLES BRUCE, Executive Director for the National Check Fraud Center, for further details and dates available:

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Keynote Speakers:

One to four hour presentations available. See partial topic listing below. Presentation can be tailored to fit your need and budget requirements.

Speaker Profile:

Charles Bruce Graduated from The Citadel (Class 1974), Former Captain, United States Army and Vietnam Veteran. Owner of Check Investigative Services; Founder and Director of the National Check Fraud Center. Twenty eight years experience in financial fraud. Respected authority on the subjects of Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud, Check Fraud, Forgery, Counterfeit Documents, and White Collar Crimes.
Charles K. Sciarini Charles (Chuck) K. Sciarini retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in April of 1999 after 30 years of service. During his tenure with the FBI Mr. Sciarini was assigned to both domestic and international matters and had extensive experience in all of the FBIs programs of responsibility. As a Special Agent with the FBI Mr. Sciarini specialized in investigations pertaining to international fraud, money laundering and theft of intellectual property. He has conducted joint investigations with the Metropolitan Police, London, England, the Serious Fraud Office, London, England, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Brigade Financiére, Geneva, Switzerland to name a few.

Mr. Sciarini is currently on contract to the Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture Unit of the FBI.

Mr. Sciarini is a member of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, the American Society for Industrial Security, the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts and the International Pen and Sword Association.

Lothel Crawford Jr Retired Detective with over 25 years of experience with the New York City Police Department and the United States Secret Service Federal Task Force. Specializes in the Casino Fraud, Check Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Counterfeit Documents, Apprehension Techniques, and Distraction Pickpocket Theft.

Workshops - Seminars:

The National Check Fraud Center offers reasonably priced, one day or two day workshops and seminars. Specially designed for security officers, loss prevention officers, training officers, operations officers, teller supervisors, and branch managers of financial institutions. Call for cost, details and topics available.

Partial Listing Of Available Topics:

  • Check Fraud Prevention Techniques For Your Business
  • My Checks Have Been Stolen, What Do I Do Now?
  • How A Business Crime Can Affect Your Business
  • Credit Card Fraud And Prevention Techniques
  • Check Acceptance At Point Of Sale
  • Employee Theft - Embezzlement
  • Bank Fraud and Inside Abuse
  • Deposit Account Fraud - Fraudulent Identification Cards - Forged Endorsements
  • Forgeries, Forged Endorsement, Alterations, and other Check Problems
  • Depository Law: One Of The Best - Kept Secrets In The Banking Industry
  • Check Fraud - Who is Liable for Lost Funds
  • Identity Fraud - What You Can Do To Prevent It
  • Corporate Identity Fraud
  • Counterfeit Checks and Prevention Techniques
  • Check Washing: No, You Don't Wash Checks With Soap And Water?
  • Document Forgery, Security, & Destruction
  • New Account Fraud - Know Your Customer - Split Deposits
  • Revised UCC Code 3 and 4
  • Shoplifting Prevention - Fraudulent Refunds
  • Casino Fraud

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