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The National Check Fraud Center's computer database contains information and up to date intelligence concerning suspects known for committing check fraud, forgery, or counterfeiting and other serious crimes. Generally, financial institutions do not like to share information with other financial institutions concerning outstanding fraud cases. But when they do, the combined intelligence normally provides the local police or federal agencies enough information that results in the suspect's arrest. Because TIME is a major factor in all investigations and arrest, up to date intelligence needs to be available when called upon.

Because of the increasing cost of security, intelligence gathering, , we appeal to you for FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Your Institution or Business may have already received and will continue to receive indirect and direct support and assistance from the National Check Fraud Center.

The National Check Fraud Center is currently trying to expand its mission which has a direct budget constraints. We welcomes any organization or financial concern that would like to extend an invitation to the National Check Fraud Center to apply for a grant or provide a service/product for office/staff use. We understand that an invitation is not a guarantee that the National Check Fraud Center would qualify for the grant. Our primary focus areas are:

  1. General Daily Operating Expenses,
  2. Improve website with secured search capibilities,
  3. Additional Victim Assistance Personnel,
  4. Community Outreach,
  5. Translation of self-help guides and bilingual victim assistance personnel,
  6. Research and special project assistance,


The National Check Fraud Center was formally founded by CHARLES BRUCE in June 1993, as a informational and support center to provide nationwide, updated multi-source intelligence to support local law enforcement, Federal Agencies, Financial communities and businesses in the detection, investigation, and the prosecution of known check fraud and financial crimes suspects. At the onset, Charles Bruce, owner of Check Investigative Services, bored all the expenses incurred to keep the computer equipment running and to maintain the informational database.

During the past five years, the major expense incurred has been the extensive man hours involved in securing and maintaining the database. Information and intelligence is very extensive and involved. Once we complete a case profile, we would then send this information to our Network members and provide support, upon request, to the respective law enforcement or Federal Agency who is involved in the case.

What have we been doing:

  • Since 1993, our office has received requests from over 6,600 individuals, businesses, financial institutions, and from law enforcement for assistance and support,
  • Since January 2005, our office has been receiving an average of 700 electronic mail inquires per day. The majority of the e-mails received has been for a help related to Check Fraud Crimes and Identity Fraud,
  • Since 1993, we have been able to identify and locate over 700 + forgery and counterfeit suspects which eventually resulted in their arrest by local police and Federal agencies

With your Corporate support, the following will continue:

  1. to continue providing educational information to the general public and to businesses concerns regarding check fraud prevention,
  2. to continue providing assistance to the general public, to businesses, and to local law enforcement,
  3. continue providing updated information and intelligence to local law enforcement and to Federal Agencies,
  4. to provide your loss prevention or investigative branch, information and intelligence regarding a known check fraud, forgery, and counterfeit suspect,
  5. to maintain and update the current database which will directly support your Business, Bank or Credit Union investigative efforts,
  6. to continue to provide support in the identifying and locating known FRAUD suspects,
  7. to publish wanted information with pictures on our internet web site,
  8. to support the National Crime Alert Network which provides the business community daily CRIME ALERTS by using either a rapid fax broadcast link and or by email.

Please contact CHARLES BRUCE, Executive Director of the National Check Fraud Center, about any opportunities you wish to make available.

You contribution will be greatly appreciated and
will be utilized to the fullest for our common goal.


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