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The National Check Fraud Center is strongly committed to maintaining the privacy of your personal information. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this site. The information the National Check Fraud Center receives depends upon your actions when visiting its web site.

Information Collected About Your Visit to the Web Site:

This site collects no personally identifying information in the form of a "cookie". The sole exception is when you knowingly and voluntarily provide information, such as when you fill in your name, address, and other personal information either on the CRIME REPORT FORM, COMMENT FORM, FEEDBACK FORM, or for our FRAUD PARTNERS listserve.

Information or intelligence that is forward to and gathered by the National Check Fraud Center and and maintained by Check Information Systems, will only be distributed to local law enforcement or Federal Agencies sources involved in an ongoing investigation or listed on the National Check Fraud Center web site for the main purpose of identification of a wanted individual by local law enforcement or for the purpose of identification of an individual involved in a crime.

The National Check Fraud Center uses the information that is either collected or provided for internal administrative purposes to assist the person who submits the information in resolving specific claims or crimes presented to the National Check Fraud Center. Your choice to use the National Check Fraud Center Web site or to send electronic mail to National Check Fraud Center will be considered your consent for the National Check Fraud Center to use the information collected therefrom as stated in this notice.

Information Collected From You:

You may decide to send the National Check Fraud Center information, including personally identifying information. The information you supply ­ whether through a secure Web form, a standard Web form, or by sending an electronic mail message ­ is maintained by Check Information Systems for the National Check Fraud Center for the purpose of processing your request or inquiry. The National Check Fraud Center also uses the information you supply in other ways to further the National Check Fraud Centeršs mission.

Various employees of the National Check Fraud Center may see the information you submit in the course of their official duties. The information may also be shared by the National Check Fraud Center with third parties to advance the purpose for which you provide the information, including other federal or state government agencies. For example, if you file a complaint, it may be sent to a financial institution for action, or information may be supplied to the Department of Justice in the event it appears that federal criminal statutes have been violated. The primary use of personally identifying information will be to enable the National Check Fraud Center to contact you in the event we have questions regarding the information you have reported.

Under certain circumstances, the National Check Fraud Center may be required by law to disclose information you submitted, for example, to respond to a Congressional inquiry or a Federal or State subpoena.

If you register with an National Check Fraud Center online mailing list, the information you provide may also be used to send you National Check Fraud Center communications or notify you about updates to our web site or other information regarding financial fraud.

When you choose to send e-mail to the National Check Fraud Center you are consenting to the National Check Fraud Center using the information provided therein, including personally identifying information, in accordance with this notice, unless you expressly state in the e-mail your objection to any use(s).

Contacting the National Check Fraud Center About This Web Site:

If you are concerned about how information about you may have been used in connection with this web site, or you have questions about the National Check Fraud Centeršs privacy policy and information practices you should contact:

Charles Bruce
Executive Director
National Check Fraud Center
Post Office Box 80171
Charleston, SC 29416



Electronic mail is not necessarily secure. You should be very cautious when sending electronic mail containing sensitive, confidential information. As an alternative, you should give consideration to sending it by postal mail.

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